Deliverance 101

Deliverance 101

At salvation, Christians are at various levels depending on the degree of their involvement with the devil before conversion. Don’t be deceived: Salvation is only a prerequisite to deliverance! You must consciously deal with contracts, covenant/strongholds of the devil now with your believers authority


God’s Word For Your Conception and Pregnancy

ADOD Confession Series Welcome once again to our anointed confession series. Today, we shall be addressing the subject, 'Conception and pregnancy' This reminds me of one question I was asked during a session at our All Nations Women Congress on world evangelization which follows thus: Why is it the woman who has to bear children?… Continue reading God’s Word For Your Conception and Pregnancy

Key elements of purpose living
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Key Elements of Purposeful Living: The Role of Everyday Experiences In Living a Purposeful Life (Part 3)

There are many ways by which God communicates His purpose for your life including everything He has taken you through. Some people may say 'it is by accident', but there is nothing accidental in divine planning. Everything is incidental. Great things happen when people respond to and accept the challenges of their destinies.

Key Elements Of Purposeful Living pt 2
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Key Elements Of Purposeful Living: The Role Of Everyday Experiences In Living A Purposeful Life (Part 2)

Life-boost for women of destiny From our previous edition of life boost, we concluded that letting God have His way in your life affairs will be one of your greatest assets. Follow as we discuss components of purposeful living. Key Elements of Purposeful Living Identifying God’s Purpose for Your Life In identifying God’s purpose for… Continue reading Key Elements Of Purposeful Living: The Role Of Everyday Experiences In Living A Purposeful Life (Part 2)


Wisdom Nugget: Letting go Wrong Relationships

"I remember a time in my ministerial walk when I was actively involved in missions work across the country, the Lord asked me to stop funding some church building work we had started. Instead, He asked us to commence radio broadcast of my sermons: I had a company of other ministers with whom I used… Continue reading Wisdom Nugget: Letting go Wrong Relationships

Dealing victoriously with your past life
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Dealing Victoriously with Your Past Life

...Everybody has a past except for a new born baby that has no record of living. Many times, your past life is the life you lived before you met Christ. We want to look at how your past life can affect your today and even your future, if not properly dealt with. Some people’s past life is also their “present life” and the only difference is that church has been added to it. If this is so, there is need to review your conversion.

In my Father's house are many mansions
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In my Father’s house are many mansions

...if it were not so, i would have told you so An old Jewish culture is to build in communities with room for expansion. The father of the house would usually, build his house and when his son was old enough to get married, the father would have started building an annex right next to… Continue reading In my Father’s house are many mansions

God's Special forces
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God’s Special Forces

In God’s kingdom, there are always two camps of Christians: the multitude and the special force camps. The difference between these two camps is seen in their impact for God on the earth. We must guard against the enemy’s deception that as Christians, we are helpless under the shadow of a sinful world. WE ARE NOT! We are here to effect change especially in the battle for lost souls